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November 19, 2012
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Sugar Rush: Sour Patrick by Galleaux Sugar Rush: Sour Patrick by Galleaux
Sour Patrick:
This racer has a personality to match his name, a sore loser and tricky to boot. The last racer to make his kart Patrick has a sore spot for the other racers who left him with sloppy seconds and plans to get back at them by kicking their keisters in every race with his totally "sour" bike. Those sweet tooths better watch out for this sneaky sour puss.

(I honestly just wanted an excuse to call him a sour puss.)

Patrick was the last racer to make his kart, and so was left with all the unwanted candies to work with like sours and black liquorish (and all the chalky valentines hearts). He had little to work with so he was innovative, and instead of making a kart like all those other squares he made himself a bike. It may not be as durable as all the other karts, but it makes up with speed and maneuverability.

I was not going to give him a bike at first, but then I make the sour candy helmet and decided to give him a chopper. I've wanted to draw one for a while. I would feel bad for getting a little to far from the game's canon, but he's already sour so it's not like he was canon before.

He looks much better here, or just downloaded: [link]
If the Mario Kart series can have bikes in addition to karts (ever since Mario Kart Wii, and the bikes can return for a future installment, Mario Kart 8), then Sugar Rush Speedway can certainly make room for candy themed bikes!  All the vehicle factory needs is a means to construct bikes based off of each rider's kart.
MasterMitosi Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, my racer focuses on licorice too! [link]

Excellent job!
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